Like a ruby, only rusty.

In my previous blog post we lightly touched on an E28 I had in 2015. Ever since selling it, I’ve been on the lookout for another, with options I was more interested in. Mid-2020, I found and purchased a Hennarot (052), 1982 528i optioned with a close-ratio dogleg box, LSD and plenty of potential to create a super fun driver focused car. I’ll attempt to take you through my progress working on this project, between work, other projects and Coronavirus lockdowns in Melbourne. Most of the following pictures are part of the tear down of the vehicle to address the rust and the repairs made on some of them.

This project is quite different to many other projects I have tackled in the past, this time I’ve made a commitment to doing everything on this car in my own personal garage, with my own two hands. A large undertaking for someone who has a full-to-the-brim, two car, suburban sized garage, a little too busy for his own good, and a growing family to feed and entertain. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

So far, all the rust has all been uncovered and found, some has been treated and repaired, and others I’m still in the process of making repair sections to weld in. The other major issue is the interior…
All the door trims were moulded on the inner side and completely ruined, front seats were non-existent, rear seats are completely ruined, carpet was trashed in the drivers footwell, and well, you get the point. If not properly maintained, these cars turn from great daily drivable vehicles, to nightmares and lots of water leaks.
So far I’ve remade the door trims, and will be re-covering most of the interior below dashboard level in microsuede. I also was lucky enough to purchase a set of cosmetically ruined, year correct, E30 sport seats and purchased a set of seat trims to suit through L-seat in the USA. These fit great, and from tear down to having two, ready to bolt in seats, the process took about 18 hours.

Over the Dec 20 and Jan 21 months, I haven’t even laid a spanner to this project, but I’ll be ramping up the rust repairs now as we begin to get into the rhythm of life in 2021.

This is the latest image I have of it, currently all door glass, drip rails and door frame trims have been removed.
Luckily there is one positive to this vehicle, the driveline is in great shape. One thing I can commend the previous owner of this E28 is his mechanical upkeep and maintenance schedule. Even after becoming surplus to his needs, it was still towed to his mechanic to have mechanical work completed, for it come back home and sit for a few more years. The car starts, runs and drives without hesitation. When the battery’s charged of course!